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Virtues Of Friday Prayer

Saying Of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) Regarding Controlling One's Anger

Friday, April 17, 2015

The Significance And Virtues Of Trust In Allah.

Allah our One and Only God , our Lord is all Powerful. Trust in Allah means to rely on Him alone for all our needs and affairs. Trust in Allah means having a firm belief that He alone can help us and guide us through all our needs and Allah alone can protect us from all the harms.

Whoever comes in this world from the first day of life till the death needs support and help from a trust worthy person to live the life. It is Allah who has put love in the heart of the mother and the father or the care taker who takes care of a newborn baby and so the weak dependent baby becomes a grown up adult person. Without Allah's help and support no one is able to survive even a second.
Our bodies are functioning with normal heart beat, circulation, mental function, digestion, respiration etc without even our realization. It is our God, Our Lord and Creator, Allah the Almighty Who is controlling and helping us with all these functions without even us knowing about it.
Then when a calamity befalls on us, something difficult comes in our way, if we are going to have an exam, a job interview or any health concerns then why do we forget to trust on Allah and seek help from Him alone. It does not mean that we should not try our best, but instead it means we should be doing our best along with full and complete trust in Allah for each and every step of our lives and situations.
There are many verses in the Holy Quran that emphasizes on the importance of trust in Allah.

It is mentioned in Surah Talaq Chapter 65 verse 3:
And He provides for him from (sources) he never could imagine, And if any one puts his trust in Allah, Sufficient is (Allah) for him, For Allah will surely accomplish his purpose, surely for all things has Allah appointed a due proportion.
Another place in Surah Al Maida Chapter 5 verse 23:
......but on Allah put your trust if you have faith.
Never Give Up Your Efforts:
Trust in Allah should never be mistaken to give up our efforts thinking that somehow Allah will resolve our challenges, instead it is the duty of every believing Muslim to continue their efforts in the best possible way as long as it is not in a way that is forbidden. It is a great reward to struggle for a good cause and to achieve some good goal.  Also one should not just sit at home praying without trying to work for sustenance thinking that Allah will provide for him. Instead going out for work and earning money in a halal (allowed manner) is also a reward from Allah and a form of worship for Muslims.

Allah says in the Holy Quran in Surah Ibrahim Chapter 14 verse 11:
........And in Allah let all men of faith put their trust. 
Again a similar message is repeated in Surah Ibrahim Chapter 14 verse 12:
.........For those who put their trust should put their trust in Allah. 

Mental Well Being Keeps Your Body Healthy

We live in a fast paced society. Everything is moving so quickly, nowadays people like fast food, fast cars, fast money and so on. We are running and trying to push ourselves harder and harder but at the end it exhausts our minds and disturbs our health.
Depression is taking a significant toll on people. Statistics show that over 40 million people struggle with anxiety. It appears that this fast paced life style is disturbing our normal healthy well being.
Wellness is often said to be associated with food and exercise which is correct but not a complete picture. Mental well being is also very important for normal body functioning. Our quality and state of being is much more that just physical. We are emotional, mental, relational and recreational being.

Let us consider some aspects of the body other than just physical and how to keep our mental health good and perfect.

1. Mind and thinking patterns: When we think , what we are thinking about matters a lot. Many times it is only our own perspective of thinking that influence the level of stress, anxiety and worries in our lives. Stress and anxiety are very real and regularly emerge in our minds. Expectations often create pressure. Awareness is the first and the most important step to reach mental well being.

2. Emotions: Emotions are defined as something that can give meaning to our life experiences. We can feel happy, excited, sad, upset, hopeless , surprised and so on. expressing out the emotions provide opportunities for us to connect with others. however sometimes instead of controlling our emotions we feel controlled by our emotions. When this happens a point may come where we are not able to accomplish our goals in a normal healthy way. It is therefore important to learn to control our thoughts because it directly influence our feelings and later on the body over all health and well being.

3. Love And Relationships: Relationships are an important aspect of life, when healthy loving relationships improve one's mood, increases interest in life and offers energy to face challenging life situations. If there are any misunderstanding among relationships a person can go into severe depression and stress leading to impaired body health.